Mechanic Looking for Automotive Locksmith

Why not stay focused on your core business and let us come and quickly provide a a efficient locksmith service:

Along with scheduled maintenance, mechanics face a slew of challenges in their day-to-day operations, including flat batteries, worn out brake pads, broken alternators, and so much more.

Stay focused on your core business and let Galmier take care of the locks and keys. Our efficient locksmith services keep your customers happy and free up the hassle and time it takes to solve these matters. Find out some of our services below.

Automotive Locksmith Services

The following are common scenarios customers find themselves in. Galmier can help!

  • Car ignition jams
  • Worn keys need replacing
  • Key might drop out and not work any more
  • Client wants a second key cut
  • Key has broken in ignition
  • Proximity keys

We offer an affordable locksmith service for local mechanics that want to focus on their primary business but provide their clients a service around keys.

Ready to ease the burden and let a professional locksmith take care of the keys? Contact Galmier today.