What Galmier Locksmiths Does

In general, we come to you onsite and find solutions to all your lock and key problems. For the record, we are able to work in the dark, when there is no power supplied, by the roadside, in car parks & shopping centres. A common misconception by the public is that all key cutters are locksmiths, (just because you can cut a key, that doesn’t mean that you are a qualified security technician who is police checked and the member of a professional association)

  • We sell many different types of locks & Keys eg. Deadlocks, Window locks, Entrance sets, Lever handles, Security door locks, Padlocks, Patio bolts, Power Industry locks, Restricted keys, Power Industry keys.
  • We also sell Safes, Door closers, Blocker Plates, Electronic door viewers & Panic exit devices.
  • If we don’t have any Key, Lock, Safe or Miscellaneous security item, we are prepared to try and order it in.
  • We advise on security related matters
  • We offer an After Hours Emergency Service
  • We have access to National lock smithing Forums, so if we haven’t done your job before or can’t think of a solution chances are that it has been solved before!

Residential Locksmithing:

  • Change locks on houses (so that the old key will not work)
  • Key locks alike (so that all your locks work off the same key)
  • Cut keys onsite
  • Open locks
  • Repair  locks
  • Install deadlocks, digital locks, finger print locks, proximity locks, combination locks and window locks
  • Custom lock fitting
  • Make keys to most locks – deadlocks, window locks, garage door locks, letterboxes
  • Replace security door locks

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Automotive Locksmithing:

  • Cut keys onsite to Cars, Motor Bikes, Scooters, Trucks
  • Open locked Cars and Trucks (including prestigious vehicles like: BMW, VW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Saab, Peugeot, Renault and also deadlocked vehicles in general)
  • Repair and replace ignitions on vehicles
  • Program in transponder keys to late model vehicles
  • Program in remote controls
  • Program proximity keys (cars with the push button start)
  • Remove broken keys
  • Key Alike locks
  • Replace car door locks
  • Rekey car locks/Re program transponder keys (when keys or car have been stolen)

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Commercial Locksmithing:

  • Change locks (so that the old key will not work)
  • Perform lockout evictions
  • Cut keys onsite
  • Open Locks
  • Repair Locks
  • Key alike locks
  • Make keys to locks eg. Filing cabinets, letterboxes, store room doors
  • Supply and replace glass cabinet locks
  • Supply, Design & install restricted master key systems (keys that can only be cut by us)
  • Supply and Install locks to conform with the BCA (Building Code of Australia)
  • Supply and install door closers
  • Change the combinations on Safes (Dial, Key or digital)

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